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Kaza can come to your school, or have an online discussion with your students on her forum site!
Email Kaza at for details.


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Teachers Guide
Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye
By author Kaza Kingsley

Juvenile Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic; Juvenile Fiction - Action & Adventure | Firelight Press | Trade Paperback | July 2007 | $9.99 | 978-0-978-65553-2 (0-978-65553-2)

Juvenile Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic; Juvenile Fiction - Action & Adventure | Firelight Press | Hardcover | October 2006 | $17.99 | 978-0-978-65556-3 (0-978-65556-7)


Kaza Kingsley’s books give teachers a way to bring home important concepts in fun ways that kids can understand. When children read books that inspire and amuse, they are open to new ideas. Subjects that might not have interested them before can take on a whole new meaning after they read a good book!

Kaza has a way of drawing in even the most resistant readers into her world. The plot twists and turns in her stories delight children and adults, as do the amusing characters, mystery, suspense and humor. More and more teachers are finding what a delight the Erec Rex books are to read aloud in class.

But more than just fun, the Erec Rex books are a trove of learning experiences that are fun for teachers and students alike. From themes of Math to Mythology, you will find a fantastic teaching adventure awaits you.


Life is not easy for twelve-year-old Erec Rex. His single mother can barely support her six adopted kids. They’ve moved into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine. To make matters worse, there is a strange force in Erec that he cannot control.

Then one morning Erec’s mother is missing. Compelled to find her, he embarks on an adventure that will change him forever. On his journey he meets Bethany, who also lost both parents in a mysterious past. Together they discover Alypium, where the knowledge of magic is kept.

Things do not go as planned. Forced into a royal competition filled with danger and sorcery, rescuing his mother seems impossible. He discovers that Alypiam is in peril and he is the only one who can save it. But he must learn the secrets of trust and loyalty to overcome all odds ... and to start on a quest to become king.

-Author Kaza Kingsley came up with some wacky inventions in this book. Which was your favorite?
-Did the epilogue answer questions about the past, ten years ago? Or did it open more questions?

-Erec wants the scepter because of the feeling of power that it gives him. Does he really want power over other people?
-Why does he crave the scepter? Is there a part of him that is afraid of it?
-Would you want a scepter if it gave you complete control over everyone else?
-Erec is a good person who cares about his friends and is willing to do things to help others. But he is not perfect. Can a person be good and still want something bad?
-Baskania, on the other hand, is obsessed with power. Does this make him bad? Or are there other things that make him bad? Does Baskania have a good side to his personality?
-Who else in the book wants power over others? The Stain triplets? Earl Evirly?
-At the end of the book, Erec holds the scepter and has power over everyone. Yet he agrees to hand it over to King Piter. Is this a surprise?

-The key thing that Erec Rex learns in The Dragon’s Eye is that it’s not always easy to know who to trust. Why didn’t Erec trust his mother all along?
-Why did Erec trust the Shadow Demon? What could he have done differently to protect himself from this mistake?
-Erec not only has to learn to trust his mother, but also to trust himself. How does Erec learn from things that happen to him? After facing the Destroyers in the dungeons, how is he more confident to face Bethany’s Uncle Earl?
-Erec is hiding his name, and keeping himself a secret. Are there times when it is better not to trust somebody?

-What is courage? Is it just the opposite of fear? Or is there more to it?
-Is the most impressive courage in people who are afraid?
-What characters in the book show courage? Which ones do not?
-At the end, Erec holds the scepter and is in control
-How did Bethany show courage in the book? When she left Alypium with her uncle she was afraid. What made her lose her fear and face him in the end?
-Are there things that have happened in your life that let you lose a fear you had once?

The Erec Rex series offers one of the best explorations of mythology in the classroom setting. Classroom discussions of Erec Rex books give kids insights into the series they may well have missed on their own. Nothing makes children appreciate learning more than coming away with fun and interesting facts hidden within their own beloved books.

Mythology Discussion Questions

Lesson Plans:

Creating Your Own Mythology – lesson plan
Mythology Time Machine – lesson plan
Puzzles in Mythology and Writing – lesson plan

Creating Your Own World - lesson plan

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Kaza can come to your school, or have an online discussion with your students on her forum site!
Email Kaza at  for details.

Here are some teacher’s comments:

(Kaza says, "Sharing the love of reading and writing is one of my joys, so this means tons to me!")


I have been teaching for thirty years. Never have I seen such a wonderful, meaningful and motivating presentation for young children!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kathy Harper

Sechrist Elementary

Flagstaff, AZ


AMAZING describes author Kaza Kingsley. Our school loved having her visit. Kaza's presentation captivated the students and inspired them to read and write. Her warmth and enthusiasm left a lasting impression on both the students and the teachers. She truly is AMAZING!

Melanie Callahan

Shepherd Jr. High

Mesa, AZ


My 5th and 6th grade students were captivated with Kaza Kingsley’s enthusiasm and friendliness. Even my reluctant readers have been "gobbling up" her new book. What's even more special about Kaza is her "kid friendly" approach. She is the only author I know who will respond to each student's email. At least twice a week, my day begins with a comment from one of my students telling me that he/she received an email from Kaza. It's been six weeks since her visit, and the kids are still talking about it like it was yesterday.
Here are a few comments from my students:
"This was the best experience I've ever had."
“This is the best book I've ever read."
"This book took me on an adventure."
"Once you start reading this book, you can't stop."
"She told us about what really happens when you're writing a book, and I never knew any of that."
"This was a great opportunity that I'll never forget."
And last but not least, "When will she come back?"

Kerry McTaggart
Holmes Elementary
San Diego, CA

What a treasure of a presentation! Mrs. Kingsley has the ability to share her joy of writing on a level that children can appreciate. She is an absolutely phenomenal presenter who magically promotes writing and reading. The children were transfixed for an entire hour, listening to an incredibly talented author. She also drew them into her world of fantasy by having them create a story with her. Any school would be fortunate to have her speak. Thank you, thank you!

Carol Rosen, Teacher/Librarian
Hillel Torah Day School
Skokie, Illinois

Kaza Kingsley's visit to our school was magical for the students. She was extremely engaging and really connected with the kids. After Ms. Kingley's book talk, my 8th grade students voted to read her book Erec
Rex for our class book club. It's great too see our students so enthusiastic about reading.

Dana Harwood
Monarch school
San Diego, CA

What a wonderful gift we were given! Ms. Kingsley so understands how students learn, how to vary a presentation to keep their interest and how to keep them spellbound. Her highly infectious personality, bright smile and wonderful information about her life both as an early writer and currently was so interesting to our budding authors. Book her, you won't be disappointed!

Mary Dougherty, Principal
Vineland Elementary School
Fresno, CA


We have authors come to our school every year, and Kaza’s presentation was the most inspiring one I’ve seen. I loved the way she gave students a visual comparison of the writing process to that of fine art. It is exactly what we want to demonstrate to kids in our school. And the students were completely involved, engaged, and interested!
Kathy Yeager, Principal
Nordstrom Elementary School
Morgan Hill, CA

Kaza Kingsley's presentation was excellent! Kaza is a vibrant, enthusiastic spreaker who knows how to make her presentation perfect for elemetary age students. When she read an excerpt from one of her books, our students were spellbound. Kaza then took the students through the writing process in a clear, step-by-step dynamic method. At Rod Kelley school we were pleased to have such a creative person as Kaza share her talents with us.

Christel Morley, ELD/ Literacy Facilitator,
Rod Kelley School
Gilroy, CA 95020

Kaza has appeared at our elementary school and inspired our students to think about their writing. Kaza's engaging personality and enthusiasm for the craft of writing are truly infectious. She has become a favorite author of our fourth and fifth grade readers.

Karen McGinty, Principal
Ella Canavan Elementary
Medina, OH ty, Principal
Ella Canavan Elementary
Medina, OH


What a great experience for students and staff alike to hear and see what goes into the creative process of writing a novel! The kids' imaginations were really flowing, and the staff were inspired with ideas to bring back into the classroom.
Helene Stoll
C. C. Spaulding Elementary School
Durham, NC


We have many authors come to our school. But none that I can remember were women! So you inspired me to write. I used to come home, do my homework, and play video games. But since you came I started a story!


Falcon Hill Elementary



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