Reviews of Erec Rex: Monsters of Otherness
"MONSTERS OF OTHERNESS is an awesome adventure, full of twists and turns, cool characters, mystery, and a lot of fun. Erec follows his heart when it’s not the easy thing to do, and goes against the odds to do what’s right. This is a wildly exciting book with pedal to the metal attitude!"
- Devon Werkheiser, “Ned,” star of
Nickelodeon’s popular daily sitcom
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

"Kaza Kingsley won't let down fans of Erec Rex with this lively, imaginative sequel to The Dragon's Eye. It's a rollicking good read, with many layers that unfold into a captivating ending. The engaging characters, suspense, humor and vivid descriptions make it a great book for all ages."

- Maria Schneider, Editor-in-Chief
Writer’s Digest

"Readers will be intrigued by a world filled with magic, friendship and thought provoking adventures."

Children’s Literature

This strong sequel will delight fans of the first book. Kingsley is imaginative, creating a fascinating world that has new and interesting magic around every corner. The children learn about power, friendship, and prejudice as their adventures test their character as well as their courage. This book is a worth addition to any fantasy collection … because the unique magic and compelling characters and creatures involved allow the series to stand on its own. Erec Rex’s adventures should be included in any “If you liked Harry Potter, then read . . .” booklist."

- Heather Pittman,

"The Monsters of Otherness is a truly captivating story. Every time you turn the page, you find yourself wondering what Erec Rex is going to do next. All the elements of a great story are included, from adventure to fantasy, with just the right amount of friendship. This is a new favorite for me!"

- Allen Alvarado, star of
Discovery Kids’ Flight 29 Down


"Unusually clever details . . . along with a notably quirky supporting cast and plenty of heroic behavior."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Fans of the first ultra-cool 'Erec Rex' installment will be eagerly awaiting the follow-up - The Monsters of Otherness. Kaza Kingsley is set to continue her award-winning form of The Dragon's Eye (2006) with this thrill-packed adventure . . . The sequel has the king no longer trusted by the people and the baby dragons nowhere in sight while Alypium descends into maelstrom. . . . in the treacherous badlands of Otherness fearful monsters await his every move. Kingsley again focuses on themes of trust and love. . . . the irresistible Erec develops qualities expected of a hero while learning the difference between right and wrong. "

- Peter Sykes
Fantasy 100 – Top Fantasy Fiction

"Kaza Kingsley does a wonderful job writing her newest book in the Erec Rex series, The Monsters of Otherness. The chapters are so vividly written they make you feel as if you are there. Also the sentence fluency of the book makes the story easier to understand and moves the plot faster. Even for someone who hasn’t read the first book, The Monsters of Otherness is easy to understand and get into. Kingsley introduces us to many unique characters that really help to spice up the book. She also introduces many new places which with his vivid imagery paint a fascinating picture in the reader’s mind. The mystery and adventure help make this a fascinating story. In fact, the story line is so interesting, it makes the book hard to put down. From hatching dragon eggs to a battle between good and evil, The Monsters of Otherness has all the right elements for a great book."

- Ranaa Tasneem
TCM Reviews

"Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness by Kaza Kingsley . . . continues the fantasy saga of the teenage Erec that began in "Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye" of a quest that led him to an alternate world full of perils that range from dragons to ruthless villains."

- Sara Pearce
Cincinnati Enquirer

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