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Monsters of Otherness Press Release (July 07)
Erec Rex Awards Press Release (June 2007)
Summary of Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye (Book One)
Summary of Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness (Book Two)
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Short-Form Bio

Kaza Kingsley is a bestselling writer, artist and singer who loves to travel and thrives on adventure, especially in dangerous and mystical realms. When she is not off exploring, talking at schools, or doing book/media tours, Kaza can be found in Cincinnati with her loving family.

TV Interview Montage (WMV), July 07

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Book One, Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye

"DRAGON’S EYE is a fantastic tale of a boy who gets caught up in a world he never knew existed and finds out he’s part of something much bigger than he knew. It is a magical story filled with suspense, intensity, heart, and courage. I loved this book … and I’ll be waiting for a sequel."

Devon Werkheiser, “Ned,” star of
Nickelodeon’s popular daily sitcom Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

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Borders Books Original Voices Pick December, 2007
Forward Magazine Book of the Year Award, 2006
Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book, 2007
Gold and Silver Benjamin Franklin Awards, 2007
Best Children’s Fiction 2006, USA Book News.com
Nominated for multiple other awards

Book Two, Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness
"Kaza Kingsley won't let down fans of Erec Rex with this lively, imaginative sequel to The Dragon's Eye. It's a rollicking good read, with many layers that unfold into a captivating ending. The engaging characters, suspense, humor and vivid descriptions make it a great book for all ages."

Maria Schneider, Editor-in-Chief
Writer’s Digest

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Book Three, Erec Rex: The Search for Truth

Erec Rex is a treasure chest of a story that’s overflowing with magic and mystery. Every page is loaded with imaginative surprises for young Erec, and for the readers who join him on his adventure.”

D.J. MacHale, Author of the Pendragon series

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Radio (through 2007):
12/20/07 WSN Proudly Presents, WSN-online, Blog Talk Radio
12/17/07 Book Bites for Kids, Blog Talk Radio
12/14/07 Tron Talk, KCBR-AM , Colorado Springs, CO
12/11/07 WABJ Morning Show, WABJ-AM , Adrian, MI
11/16/07 All Morning Talk, Cable Radio Network, Burbank, CA
10/11/07 Backyard Show (Disney Radio,) WMKI-AM, Allston, MA
9/27/07 Jim Scott Show, WLW-AM, Cincinnati, OH
9/25/07 North Coast Conversation WNWV-FM, Cleveland, OH
2/26/07 Sunday Morning Magazine, WGRR-FM, Cincinnati, OH
1/10/07 Joey English Show, KNews-AM, Palm Springs, CA
12/04/06 Kid’s Concerns (Disney,) WDYZ-AM, Celebration, FL
11/29/06 St. Augustine Evening News, WFOY-AM, St. Augustine, FL
11/29/06 St. Augustine Morning News, WFOY-AM, St. Augustine, FL
11/15/06 Don Weeks and the WGY Morning News, WGY-AM, Albany, NY
11/15/06 Ric & Laura in the Morning, WYJB-FM, Latham, NY
11/14/06 Backyard Show (Disney Radio,) WMKI-AM, Allston, MA
11/9/06 North Coast Conversation WNWV-FM, Cleveland, OH
11/8/06 Lanigan and Malone Show, WMJI-FM, Clevland, OH
10/13/06 Jim Scott Show, WLW-AM, Cincinnati, OH
10/11/06 Bubba Bo & Chelsie Morning show, WSCH-FM, Lawrenceburg, IN

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For press inquiries or to schedule an interview with Kaza Kingsley contact:

Abby Kraus
Abby Kraus Public Relations
1036 North Dearborn #802
Chicago, IL 60610

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Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye
Book 1 - New Paperback coming out April 9, 2009!
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Erec Rex: The Monster of Otherness
Book 2 - Paperback coming out April 9, 2009!
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 Erec Rex: The Search for Truth
Book 3 - New Paperback coming out June 30, 2009!

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 Erec Rex: The Search for Truth
 By Kaza Kingsley

 Simon and Schuster, Hardcover 448 pages
1416979883|Price $16.99
Simon and Schuster Audio, Unabridged audio CD
ISBN# 0743583868 |Price $39.99

Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness
By Kaza Kingsley
Simon and Schuster, Paperback 352 pages
1416979344|Price $8.99

 Firelight Press, Hardcover 349 pages
ISBN# 0978655575|Price $18.99
Simon and Schuster Audio, Unabridged audio CD
ISBN# 0743581415 |Price $39.99

Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye
By Kaza Kingsley
Simon and Schuster, Paperback 368 pages
1416979336|Price $8.99

 Firelight Press, Hardcover 345 pages
ISBN# 0978655567|Price $17.99
Simon and Schuster Audio, Unabridged audio CD
ISBN# 0743581393 |Price $39.99

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